Our current Roadmap for version 4.x

Release 4.2

Milestone Summary

  • Integrate external bundles with BackBee

  • Track logs of contribution changes

  • Opening a 404 page in the back office

  • List and reorganization of default blocks - content types - basic version

  • Optimize and merge the application and the standalone

  • Creation of the about page in the backoffice

  • Improve the back search engine

  • Refine the search for pages in the back office

  • Upgrade to Webpack 5

  • Optimize svg fonts in the toolbar

  • Remove? Context in URL

  • Remove ACL component

  • Upgrade of Elasticsearch to version 7.13

Release 4.3

Milestone Summary

  • PHP Version 8 support

  • Redesign of the Config manager

  • Standardize API routes and replace the serializer

  • Replace the webprofiler (Debug)

  • Improve the deployment of the toolbar

  • Upgrade API route and documentation

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Backbee is an open-source project available on github under GPL licence.

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