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Need a specific design to fit your brand?

We provide professional services to help you think, design, implement and run a website with the power of BackBee. Request a quote and get in touch with us to start your customized template and provide your clients the unique look-and-feel of your brand.

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Some features you benefit with
a Single Template Website


Integrated API

Request your custom integrations to work with your favorites providers. Google Drive / Typeform / Twitter / Facebook / Yelp


Custom Hosting

Our solutions come with a variety of hosting options. You can either choose to host your website on your own server for more control, or take the hassle off and favor a cloud hosting platform.


Tailored Design

Unique and specific to your brand, we craft your stunning design with our team of expert designers and bring it to life with the potential of BackBee

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Need a multi-site Platform?

You need more than just a customized template? Based on your specific design, we provide you with a customized BackBee website factory, capable of generating websites on the go for any of your brand location.

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Benefits of a Multi-site platform


Consistent Local SEO

Make sure your brand is locally listed on all networks. Having the best online ranking results is the bedrock of your organic growth.


Easier Local Marketing

Control the marketing impact of your campaigns from a single headquarters location, and adjust your strategy in real time.


Better Local Communication

Engage with your customer more efficiently with the content they want. Empower local branches to make their own discounts and offers and let them do what they do best: run their local businesses.

Start up your website network


With a modular architecture and advanced memery and energy management technologies, BackBee is increadibly fast and powerful, all the while being light and compact.

Florent Fay, Digital Director of Jo&Joe, Accor Hotels

Work with BackBee experts

All our professional services are supported by the team that designed BackBee as the easy-to-use and intuitive website platform.

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