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    Open source & Evolutive

  • Community Driven
  • Completely Free
  • Dynamic Extensions
  • PHP 7 Ready
  • On-page Editing Technology

  • Back office = Front office
  • Edit 3x Faster
  • Seamless Drag&Drop Functionalities
  • A Powerful Website Editor

  • Flawless peak-load performances
  • Symfony & Doctrine stack
  • Validated by BlackFire.io
  • Numerous Benefits

  • Mobile-First
  • Rock solid architecture 
  • Simplified Deployment

They choose BackBee

Migration, usability, community, technical director of NEXT Interactive Media Frédéric Leaux shares about the Next Generation CMS BackBee.

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    Backbee is developed by Lp digital system,  a branch of Lp digital Group. Lp digital aims at helping you develop  and implement coherent digital strategies.


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    BackBee is an open source community-driven solution. Collaborating with other users, developers, architects, to improve performance and gain experience.

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    From DisneyStars to RMC and even BFMTV, discover how these leading clients gained time and money using BackBee..

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